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What Does The Account Page Do?

Creating an account will link your wallet and assets to Pocket Towne itself, allowing you to use in some form, any Pocket Towne or other supported assets within the Pocket Towne game.

This is includes, but is not limited to, Tattoos, Genesis Doll inventory for Character Appearance Customization, Land plot access, Estate Plot Access.

What does Discord Linking Do?

When you link your Discord ID using the command in the Pocket Towne Discord Server, it allows any of the services that we use on Discord to access the details of your wallet assets.

The Pocket Towne Bot adjusts your roles automatically in our server, according to the wallet you have linked to your discord.

The Brawl Bot RPG which can be on multiple project's servers, allows all projects to compete head to head in battle royale's and showcasing the winner and loser's chosen Assets at the end.

How Are The Towne Brawl Fighters Selected?

If you chose to participate in a brawl, but have either no assets or no linked account, you can still participate. However, you will be given a basic fighter with set stats.

Each Project that we have partnered with, will have different data on their assets, so we have worked with them to calculate a fair value to calculate the Attack and Hit Point values according to their individual project.

When a brawl begins, the system pulls all qualifying assets and randomly selects one. Hit Points are out of 300 and Attack Power is out of 100.

All values between all partners have been normalized between 0 and 1 to keep things fair regardless of what asset is participating.

How Do I Add My Project To The Towne Brawl?

Because each projects metadata is different, they have to be added individually and manually to the system so it knows where the values it needs to generate the fighters Attack and Hit Points are located within the metadata structure.

After the details have been fleshed out, we will do some testing on a testing server to verify that the numbers add up, and everything works correctly. Then when we are satisfied we will add the Brawl Bot to your project's Discord.

Join our Pocket Towne discord, and contact Kardall (Kardall#4142) to discuss the process of integrating your project into the Brawl Bot.

How Do I Customize My Land Plot?

In the Pocket Towne game itself, your land plot will be available for customization. Each tier of Land or Estate plot will have a set amount of default assets you can place anywhere on your plot.

There will be template houses as well, that you can place on your plot so that you can decorate inside and around it using assets gained within the game, from your wallet or any combination.

Example: Inside your house, you may want to put a picture frame on the wall, and showcase a Genesis Doll image as the photo in the frame. This can be any asset that we have validated on the wallet that you currently own.