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Welcome to the Pocket Towne Land Rush! Better get your piece of dirt to call home while you have the chance. Land deeds purchased during the Land Rush will be the best bang for your ADA that we will ever offer.

These large chunks of our world come with variable amounts of the local scenery to decorate your land with. The plots are tiered 1-7 to indicate how much variety you will have to play with. Estate plots come with all tier 7 assets and then some!

Pocket Towne deeds give you claiming rights at their specific coordinates within the Pocket Towne Metaverse. These rights are transferrable as a non-fungible-token. There will be in-game verification that the player holds the CNFT in their wallet for property to be claimed and held. Any bonus items on the land deeds, based on tier, are not transferrable independently of the land deed itself and they are only an in-game bonus. These items give no intrinsic value to the CNFT they reside on. All visual elements in the image of our Land Rush NFTs are representative and are subject to change.

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Land Rush Details

1x1 Lands
A 1x1 Land is 100m2.
There is a small road that surrounds all 1x1 Land plots to accomodate travel and distinguish the separation of plots in the world.

2x2 Estates
An Estate is made up of four 1x1 Land plots in a 2x2 arrangement. This makes the total area 400m2 plus a little extra space where the road would have been present between plots.

CNFT Transference
Should the owner of a Land or Estate sell their CNFT Land Deed on secondary markets, a 10% Royalty fee will be paid to LYSG.

Early Supporter Titles

Those who are verified in our discord using the Verification System, will gain the following titles. We reserve the right to give benefits to our early supporters as we see fit.

Pocketer Role Requirements

At least 1 Genesis Doll and/or 50k or more Pocket Change and/or 1 Land Plot in the wallet

Deep Pocketer Role Requirements

At least 5 Genesis Dolls and/or 200k Pocket Change and/or 3 Land Plots/1 Estate in the wallet

Trailblazer Role Requirements

At least 25 Genesis Dolls and/or 1m Pocket Change and/or 20 Land Plot/2 Estates

Towne Tycoon Role Requirements

At least 50 Genesis Dolls and/or 2m Pocket Change and/or 40 Land Plot/4 Estates

Towne Mogul Role Requirements

At least 125 Genesis Dolls and/or 5m Pocket Change and/or 100 Land Plot/10 Estates

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