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Pocket Paper
Pocket Towne is a place. A place we want to bring to life... a place that we have already imagined. A hidden gem in a desert oasis. Pocketers can create their own little getaway while gaming and socializing. We want to build a platform that gives artists another way to present their work, as well as a game that actively works to integrate other CNFT projects.
Excited yet? If not, you should be!
I do apologize for that dull statement.. the towne council made us put that nonsense first. I want to make sure you know what we're offrin', so allow me to speak plainly.
Want to own a house? We got those. Rather live on a train? We want you to live on a train. Want a smaller space with noisey neighbors? We have second floor apartments for sale. You can own a space and you can make it just how you like it.
Now we all know a life without fun ain't worth livin', so let's have some.
Maybe you like games? Relax with some beach bowling, play some paper basketball or defend against the dreaded Goblin hordes at the edges of towne!
If your tastes for action are more of a slow burn.. we have board games! Play with or against your buddies in a game of Pocket Checkers or Hoppadoondong Land.
Sometimes we all just want to take a load off and hang out with our friends. You can do that too! Take the time to make your living space just right and show off your favorite CNFTs. Our saloon doors never close and our friendly small-towne atmosphere is sure to serve as the backdrop for many new and enduring friendships.
Land Sales
We will begin with residential homes and apartments for sale right beside our Pocket Towne square! Residential will expand further and further away from the center of towne. So, getting your property early might be a good idea. The towne square will serve as the business hub for Pocket Towne. Towne square land sales will involve directly working with our team to make sure your idea is integrated in a way that benefits your business while still fitting our theme. All of these properties will be permanently controlled by the owner as a CNFT.
Token Distribution
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Policy ID Pocket Change (PTC) will serve as the official currency of Pocket Towne.
It will be used for in-game spending, play to earn rewards and governance.
Initial Funding Fair Sale Price 0.001 ADA.
25% Initial DEX and website sales (Funding round 1)
25% In-Game Economy
20% Secondary DEX/CEX and website sales (Funding round 2)
15% SPO partner rewards / Marketing
10% reserved for the founders (Cannot sell until post game launch)
5% Cardano ecosystem airdrops
Take it down to Pocket Towne!