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Phase 1
Launch Genesis Doll CNFTs.
These paper dolls will be the avatars of Pocket Towne.
Begin Lovelace Tattoos Integration.
Phase 2
Launch Lovelace Tattoo CNFTs.
These CNFTs will be functional as displayable art, a tattoo on your paper doll, or a clothing patch!
Begin work on environments and doll functionality.
Begin limited invitation pre-alpha testing.
Launch Public Land Sale.
Phase 3
Launch environments (apartments, houses, and public areas) and in-game communication.
Enable social interactions and settle in your living space!
Begin mini-game development: Action, Sports, Strategy, and Towne defense.
Begin alpha testing.
Phase 4
Launch doll functionality: Customizations, Equipment and Inventory.
Wardrobe Functionality: Any Dolls, Clothing, Tattoos or Accessories owned can be used on your avatar.
Launch external CNFT functionality: Display your favorite CNFTs in a picture frame, and as a pet or figurine!
Begin beta testing in preparation for official launch!
Phase 5
Have Fun!
Keep Building...
Stretch Goals
Launch AR and VR integration.
Launch external blockchain NFT integration.
Enable portals connecting Pocket Towne to the metaverse.