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Community Manager

Apostolis Lymperis aka Badassery

Our wonderful Town Crier was inspired, like many of us, by the vision of Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano blockchain. He sought out a way to get involved and help with Pocket Towne from the very start, seeing the potential of what we are building. With a 5-year career in engineering under his belt, Tolis contributes his attention to detail as our Discord Administrator. Tolis is a lifelong gamer as well as a crypto and investing enthusiast, and his role in Pocket Towne is the perfect fit to those interests while giving the chance to flex his interpersonal skills.
Co-Founder, Artist


Fractallily grew up eating mac 'n' cheese from the box and has either drawn by hand or created various forms of textile art since childhood. Somehow that cheesy pasta remained her favorite food even while she built a successful career in manufacturing. Even though she still consistently created works of art, it wasn't a primary source of income. When we were creating the concept for our paper doll CNFTs, it became known that Fractallily loved creating paper dolls as a child. This discovery led to the negotiations for her largest-to-date commissioned work of art, the Pocket Towne Genesis Paper Dolls.
Co-Founder, Devops

Jeremy Walker aka Kardall

Kardall began learning various programming languages out of high school to create an online radio station DJ-managing program while working at SuprnovaRadio. Over the last 2 decades, Kardall has created or help create numerous applications and websites. Jeremy has worked full-time in technology, webpage design, and programming for over 16 years. He also is an experienced guitarist and sound engineer. Kardall has almost 2 years of experience working on the Cardano blockchain now, and has maintained the staking pool DEEP since 2020.
Partner, Co-Founder, Developer

Justin Ciriello aka Applerust

Justin has spent over 20 years working in technology. He has held the roles of tech lead, photographer, programmer, artist, world-builder, and community leader. Spending time as a Second Life content creator, Applerust learned many world building fundamentals. Since Justin has generally been in computing and gaming his whole adult life, building his own game was the next logical step. As an early ADA investor and stake pool operator (DEEP) since Shelley, Justin decided to build a business on Cardano.
Partner, Co-Founder, Developer

Luke Ranly aka Mayor Hoppadoondong

Luke has been a technology and gaming enthusiast since games had to be programmed in line by line back in the Commodore 64 days. The Mayor spent a significant portion of his life as a band leader and songwriter. Luke also has over 20 years of management experience, which hopefully will assist with a cohesive environment as our team grows. After achieving financial freedom through investing in ADA, Luke decided to build a business on Cardano.
3D Modeler

Mohamed Hesham aka H

Mohamed began learning about 3D modeling during his first year of college while studying electrical engineering. As his skills grew, he was able to transition from his engineering career to become a full-time 3D artist. After setting up his online store "CGStudioX", he has worked with a wide variety of great projects. His list of credits include work for Disneyland Paris, Lacoste, and Paris Saint-Germain. He has also contributed to the indie games Vigilance 2099, Death Carnival, and a Battle of Rebels.